VidMedia Network: Amplifying Music, Empowering Creators

VidMedia Network, also known as VidMedia Music, VidMedia Distribution Services, and VidMedia Entertainment, is an Indian record label and music distributor. They hold the authority to produce digital audio and visual content rights on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. By collaborating with creators and content owners, VidMedia Network envisions, breathes life into, and shares creative ideas with a global audience.

VidMedia Network caters to a spectrum of needs: product, programming, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management, Content Management Systems, monetization/sales, and audience development are the services that build collaboration.

Muhsin Bin Rasheed, the founder, and Najma Saleem, the co-founder, steer VidMedia Network towards innovation and success. Their hands-on approach is evident in releasing a musical album in Malayalam within three months. What’s noteworthy is the speed and the success that follows—2 million views and counting. VidMedia Network’s forte lies in maximum coverage of music distribution and YouTube marketing. It’s about sharing music while crafting a narrative that resonates with audiences.

Speaking about their journey, Muhsin Bin Rasheed shares, “We believe in more than just distribution; we believe in partnerships. When our creators succeed, we succeed. It’s a collective journey, and every milestone is a shared victory.” Najma Saleem adds, “Our focus is not just on the numbers but on the stories we tell through music. Each artist we collaborate with becomes a part of our extended family, and their success is our joy.”

The company aims to empower music artists by providing a platform to distribute their music across major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and JioSaavn. It envisions a world where every artist has the opportunity to shine, irrespective of their background or resources.

VidMedia Network is not merely a music distributor; they are storytellers, collaborators, and champions of creativity. Their journey is about hitting milestones, amplifying the voices of artists and reshaping the narrative of music distribution.

For further queries, visit: https://vidmedia.in/ 

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