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Somefits: Where Comfort, Confidence, and Style Converge

New Delhi, [India]: Somefits, a dynamic clothing brand, unveils a comfortable approach to 24/7 fashion with its essential day-to-night wear collection, bringing US/UK-like style to the Indian market. The brand’s founders, Aditi Jain and Poonam Jain, embark on a solo-entrepreneur journey, emphasising comfort, confidence, and affordability.

Youngsters in India now have access to US/UK-like basic wear, thanks to Somefits – the go-to brand for essential and stylish day-to-night wear. The brand, established in 2020 by Aditi Jain and Poonam Jain, sets out to address a gap in the market. Recognising the need for affordable and high-quality basic wear, Somefits introduces a range of 35+ unique T-shirt colours for both men and women.

“We wanted to create a brand that resonates with every individual’s wardrobe essentials. Unlike other high-priced brands, we focus on providing pocket-friendly, high-quality clothing suitable for all age groups,” says Aditi Jain, co-founder of Somefits.

Somefits’ journey began with a vision to offer modern elegance in clothing while prioritising comfort and confidence. The brand’s collection is designed with simplicity and decency in mind, catering to the preferences of the Indian market. The founders, being women entrepreneurs, recognised the importance of women-centric businesses and sought to empower customers with clothing that fit their lifestyles.

The brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction speaks volumes, with positive feedback highlighting the quality and comfort of Somefits’ clothing.

The founders, Aditi and Poonam, shared insights into their unique approach, saying, “We have experienced that youngsters wish to wear simple and decent clothes which are hard to find. Most people do not get proper fits according to their physique. So we wanted to make something which would rather focus on the fits.”

Somefits conducted in-depth market research, studying cotton, yarn, and fabric, and surveyed individuals to understand their preferences for T-shirts, patterns, and designs. The brand’s commitment lies in providing tailor-made clothing for the Indian market, acknowledging the diverse needs of the customers.

With a vision to redefine basic wear, Somefits invites everyone to explore their range of T-shirts, V-neck T-shirts, shorts, unisex hoodies, sweatshirts, and plus-size options. The brand’s user-friendly online platform ensures a seamless shopping experience.

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