SATHYAPRIYA MANIAN: Empowering Individuals and Changing Lives with a Holistic Approach

Sathyapriya Manian, the CEO, and founder of Sculpture, is an internationally certified Access Bars facilitator, energy healing therapist, and mindset coach with over 13 years of experience in corporate life. Her expertise in communication skills, presentation skills, mindset management, innovation, people management, life skills, counseling, and relationship management has helped her empower youth and contribute to people’s lives. Her passion for empowering individuals and changing lives started early in her career when she realized the impact of a positive mindset. As a result, she dedicated herself to coaching and helping people transform their lives with a holistic approach.

Her journey towards empowering individuals led her to become an Access Bars Facilitator and a practicing Energy Healing Therapist. She holds an Executive Master of Business Administration with dual specializations in International Business and Marketing Management. Additionally, she is a certified ISMS & QMS Auditor with a Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

She enjoys socialising, going on trips, learning about different cultures, and researching people’s behaviours. Aside from photography, she also enjoys dancing and capturing the unadulterated beauty of both people and environment. She wants to establish a school for unique kids in the future. Her objective is to provide a caring setting in which kids can develop while receiving specialised care and attention.

She has earned recognition in the coaching community as a result of her dedication to strengthening people and communities. Several people have transformed their life and achieved success because to her dedication and knowledge. She keeps motivating and empowering others to face challenges head-on and live happy, meaningful lives with a positive outlook.

As a result of her commitment to providing holistic support for people and communities, she is a well-known personality in the coaching sector. She continues to have a positive influence on people’s life despite the fact that her knowledge and passion have improved the lives of countless. She is not just the company’s CEO and creator, but also a skilled Access Face Lift Practitioner and Access Bars Facilitator. She employs these methods to assist her clients in letting go of stress, worry, and other unfavourable feelings while fostering general relaxation and well-being.

Her professional experience and expertise in human resources have been quite helpful in her coaching career. She has worked with a variety of businesses across industries, from small startups to huge organisations, and has assisted in the development of their staff members’ abilities and perspectives in order for them to succeed in both their professional and personal life.

Along with her coaching and healing work, She is also involved in various social and community initiatives. She has provided educational support to children in rural areas and has worked to empower children of HIV+ parents to lead empowered lives. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she provided free counseling and food distribution for the homeless and supported people struggling with depression and other mental health issues.

Her commitment to empowering people and communities stems from her conviction that everyone has the capacity for greatness. In order to build the life they want, she exhorts her clients to embrace their special talents and abilities and to draw on their inner resources. She is a respected figure in the field thanks to her depth of experience and holistic approach to coaching and healing. She keeps empowering people and communities with her knowledge, compassion, and commitment.

Her has been recognized for her outstanding work as a mindset coach and energy healer. She has received numerous awards and accolades for her contributions to the field of coaching and has been featured in various publications.

She does counselling and healing work in addition to being a strategic HR expert. She has worked with businesses to create effective HR strategies that encourage employee engagement and retention because she has a thorough awareness of the value of people management in the corporate environment.

She also has substantial experience in quality management and process improvement as a trained ISMS and QMS auditor with Six Sigma Green Belt certification. With the use of these abilities, she assists her clients in identifying their professional and personal areas for growth and in putting these improvements into practise.

Beyond her coaching practise, she is incredibly passionate about empowering people and communities. She also strives to promote equality and the empowerment of marginalised people as a social justice activist. She has collaborated with a number of organisations to offer resources to underserved populations as well as assistance with healthcare and education. She likes to travel and see different cultures in her free time. She enjoys using her camera to capture the beauty of both people and the natural world. She has training in a variety of dance forms, including classical Indian dance, and she loves to dance.

Overall, she is a highly sought-after coach and healer due to her wide background and expertise. She is a well-known figure in the field thanks to her dedication to holistic empowerment of people and communities. She continues to inspire and empower people to live their best lives with a positive mindset and a deep sense of purpose.

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