Merakii bags ‘Outstanding Company of the Year-2021’ Award

Merakii, an integrated marketing agency founded by Ms Bhagyashree Singh, is a path breaking organization known for its clutter breaking campaigns and unconventional approach to marketing. For an organization, awards are more than just a prized possession; awards represent your work without you having to talk about it. Adding another feather to its illustrious cap, Merakii has been awarded the ‘Outstanding Company of the Year 2021’ Award in the Branding & Marketing category, by Business Mint.

Based out of India, Merakii has been on a continual journey to deliver high quality marketing drives and award-winning campaigns for an extensive variety of business verticals. Merakii’s USP lies in its inherent understanding of the evolving marketing environment, application of innovative strategies and staying abreast of developments in the global communication ecosystem. The prime factors that have led Merakii to become a name to reckon with, are an honest approach, consistency and an uninhibited reign of imagination and creativity. Riding through competition, the company has carved a niche for itself through a continual upgradation of core competencies, attention to detail and a client-centric approach.

Under Director & CEO Bhagyashree Singh’s passionate leadership, Merakii has consistently delivered comprehensive communication solutions for public relations, brand identity, sales promotion, campaign development, corporate strategy, online marketing, digital & print media, and more. With an insatiable drive for innovation, Bhagyashree encourages new ideas and seeks novel ways of establishing a powerful brand presence for her clients. As a genuine and principled individual, she has built the foundation of her firm with values of loyalty, trust and mutual respect. Merakii is an extension of her passion to tell compelling stories, her zeal to infuse novelty into marketing and an innate drive to create a niche for the unique. Her marketing philosophy emphasizes the subtle application of art and strategy, with creative thinking running in her veins.

With a heart full of gratitude upon receiving the award, Bhagyashree elucidates, “I’m humbled that our efforts at Merakii to create ingenious campaigns, have been recognized at such a prestigious platform. This only fuels our drive to continue forging ahead with our creative ardor to narrate compelling stories in unprecedented ways.”

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