Haider Altaay: The Ace Entrepreneur and genius TV presenter from Baghdad is all set to take the media Industry by fire

When you look at the handsome, charismatic and well-built body of Haider Altaay on his Instagram, the first thing which might strike our mind regarding his profession is that he is a sassy model and Influencer but to our surprise he is much more. Currently, he is an ace TV presenter who has excelled in the field of media/news companies.

Entrepreneur Haider Altaay holds a Bachelor’s degree in media from “Dijla National College” in Baghdad. He entered the media field while he was still a student at the college. He recalls KR .hhh that he was in desperate need of a job. SubewueeHe needed a job, entered the Media Development Institute in order to develop his skill in presenting television programs and obtained a Good grade, graduated from several courses.

Subsequently, Ace Entrepreneur Haider Altaay started working in [[Aafaq Channel]] and then on the daily morning and youth programs on [[Al-Hurriya Channel]] with a group of female colleagues which Duaa Qassem and Sabreen Muhammad and with director Laith Maher. Thereafter he moved to work in the [[Iraqi Media Network]] on the Iraqi channel, where He specialized in presenting the artistic program. This was first put to use under the (Meshwar) program, an artistic program that talks about the life of the artist and his artistic career with the brightest stars of Iraqi art, which was directed by “Buraq Al-Azzawi”. For this program he won the Shield of Creativity Award at the Mundial Festival Cairo in Egypt in the year 2014.

Haider Altaay continued work on Al-Iraqiya Channel|Al-Iraqiya II Channel]] and presented more than one program (Ramadan Evening Program, Evening Roses Program, and Seventh Program). Thereafter, which he moved to work in Al-Iraqiya Public Channel and the beginning was with (Personal Camera) is an entertainment program that competes between funny videos on the condition that you be a personal phone photographer. He also presented a program in the month of Ramadan entitled “Mallab Rabsh with People”.  It was directed by Ahmed Jamil and prepared by Jalil Sobeih.

Subsequently Haider Altaay presented a hidden camera program entitled “Marriage Me” accompanied by the artist Kazem Mudallal and directed by Ahmed Al-Tayeb with the stars of art. He also presented a program entitled “PDF” that deals with issues of public opinion (such as the spread of drugs in Iraq, the crystal, clan disputes, assault on teaching staff, combating crime, from  Through surveillance cameras, poaching and other topics) in the year [[2017]]. The program was presented to the Iraqi public, first with the participation of his colleague Hassan Majid”, then he presented it alone.

Major programs presented by Haider Altaay are-

  • Freedom Morning (Freedom Channel)
  • For Youth, Freedom Channel [2013]
  • Windows, Freedom Channel 
  • Seventh, Al-Iraqiya Channel Al-Iraqiya Channel Two]] [2014]
  • Journey, Al-Iraqiya Channel, Al-Iraqiya Channel Two |2014].
  • Ramadan evening, Al-Iraqiya Channel, Al-Iraqiya Channel Two [2015].
  • Good evening, Al-Iraqiya Channel. Al-Iraqiya Channel Two [2015]
  • Seventh, Al-Iraqiya Channel Al-Iraqiya Channel Two [2015]
  • Personal camera Al-Iraqiya Channel|Al-Iraqiya and Channel [2015]
  • Iraqi morning, Al-Iraqiya Channel, Al-Iraqiya Channel Two (2016- present)l
  • Iraqi youth, Al-Iraqiya Channel|Al-Iraqiya Channel Two [2016]
  • Hidden camera pranks, Al-Iraqiya Channel, Al-Iraqiya Channel Two [2016]
  • They married me a hidden camera, Al-Iraqiya Channe, Al-Iraqiya Channel Two.
  • the artist Kadhim Hendal [2017]
  • He is the winner of Al-Iraqiya Channel Al-Iraqiya Public Channel Ahmed Najm, Ann Salah, Ryam Al-Faisal, Nabaa Al-Mousawi [2018-2019].
  • Coverage of national events, holidays and national operettas, Al-Iraqiya Channel and at Al-Iraqiya Public Channel [2014 – 2018]
  • Iraqi Evening Al-Iraqiya Channel Al-Iraqiya Public Channel, Ahmed Najm, Ann Salah, Ryam Al-Faisal,
  • Nabaa Al-Mousawi [2019]

Haider Altaay who believes in Hard work and says “Nothing can be obtained by just sitting and waiting”. He believes in teaching his skills to others, so beginners can have ideas and tricks to become a successful entrepreneur. He uses his social media platforms to teach, convey and educate people. Brajesh shares his thoughts on social media and Instagram. He has 116k+ followers over his Instagram handle.

“It is for us to get associated with our dreams wholeheartedly, and if we are able to do that success is just momentary. All that stands between you and success is your will to work towards your dreams with dedication. Everything is achievable if your efforts are sincere.” Share Entrepreneur and author Haider Altaay.

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