From India to the World: Medifluence’s Growing Impact on Healthcare Marketing

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India]: Medifluence stands out as a creative force in the ever-changing field of healthcare marketing. The firm is making significant steps in breaking down barriers and fostering genuine engagement within the healthcare sector.

Medifluence presents itself as more than just a traditional marketing firm; it is a strategic partner skilled at negotiating the complex landscape of healthcare advancement. The company is made up of Indian medical professionals, promises concrete results and breathes new life into the healthcare marketing playbook by implementing creative ideas and modern tactics.

Leaders Shaping Medifluence’s Healthcare Marketing Scene

Leading the charge in healthcare marketing innovation at Medifluence is Aishvaryaa, the visionary CEO and an MBBS dropout. Alongside Aishvaryaa, Harshvardhan, Co-founder and COO, ensures smooth operational execution. Medifluence also benefits from the expertise of Erai Ezhil, Head of Content and final year MBBS student, who spearheads content creation. 

This high-spirited trio, blending expertise with innovation, is steering Medifluence towards a transformative path in reshaping healthcare marketing.

Bridging Global Gaps in Healthcare Marketing

Medifluence, a one-stop healthcare marketing solution, challenges industry standards with inventive strategies and dedication to genuine patient involvement. With the ambition to be a leading global force in healthcare marketing, Medifluence strives to narrow gaps within this specialised market. The company’s mission is straightforward — to offer inventive solutions that reshape healthcare marketing worldwide, rooted in the essence of India.

Milestones and Achievements

In just seven months, Medifluence has achieved impressive milestones, successfully bringing on board over 15 doctors, establishing ties with eight hospitals, partnering with five clinics, engaging with three pharmaceutical companies, and fostering collaborations with five health tech startups. Notably, the brand’s strategic partnership with TMAI is crucial in facilitating the delivery of telemedicine services, contributing to the improved accessibility of healthcare facilities in Africa.

Moreover, Medifluence sets itself apart by providing tailored services for Doctors, Directors of clinics and hospitals, Directors of pharmaceutical companies, and CMOs of Healthtech startups. Driven by ambition and innovation, Medifluence seeks to transform the healthcare marketing environment by addressing a few specific professional and marketing challenges healthcare facilities face.

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