Find out how this 18 year old boy has driven over $2.7M in sales

Goa [India]: Sairaj Matkar – an 18 year old boy is making a dent in the E-commerce Space & has driven over +$2.7M in online sales for his clients. He runs a company called Acexmedia which specializes in adding an extra $40k-$120k/mo to their clients bottom line.

Social Media can be one of the hardest and super complicated fields to be in. With aggressive changes in the algorithms and fast-paced updates in the online world, one needs to move quickly and swiftly to be successful in this field.

Sairaj Matkar, founder of AceXmedia is an avid entrepreneur by heart. Within a relatively short period of time, Sairaj is already managing marketing campaigns for a large client base and has made a name for himself in the industry just at the age of 18. His Agency is serving industry behemoth clients and have also worked with a couple of brand backed by Y combinator.

When asked Sairaj what his best advice was for budding entrepreneurs and people that want to get into the social media space,

Sairaj said:

“1. Focus on showing up daily and being consistent. Anyone can send 10 Dm’s once. But not everyone can send 10 DM’s every day. Focus on being consistent rather than looking for motivation. Habits > motivation any given day.

  1. Enjoy the process and detach yourself from the outcome. Doing it for the love of the game was one of the best things that have happened to me.
  2. People are the backbone of your company. And hiring the right talent is tricky. Be careful while picking your soldiers and once you find those unicorn teammates, invest in their skill sets and focus on building a solid company culture. Effective delegation is one of the best skills a founder can have. We welcome our employees by sending them Oura rings. It helps them track their sleep and increase productivity.
  3. Take decisions based on Logic and numbers, detach all emotions. As the founder/CEO you will be forced to make fast-paced decisions that might either make or break your company. Track as many metrics as you can within your business. Data allows you to make better decisions while detaching all emotions, which further scales your business.
  4. Find someone who has already done it and replicate what they are doing. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. The right mentors can boost the trajectory of your entire business.”

Sairaj is just scratching the surface as he has plans to continue to grow AceXmedia and his clients.

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