Entrepreneur Humaid Saeed Bulahij Alremethi – the genius from UAE who gets the best out of any Business.

In the growth of any Business, the most integral role is played by its administration. It is said that if the administration is strong then even if the Business is ordinary, it can be scaled to become extraordinary. Founder and CEO of Prince Medical Center, Whizz Entrepreneur Humaid Saeed Bulahij Alremethi is one such Businessman who has taken many businesses to the heights they could have not even imagined.

Entrepreneur Bulahij has a magical track record in achieving exponentially increase in the profits. He often involves himself in revitalizing work performance with strong management to achieve reasonable gains. “Bulahij is one amazing Businessman and.he often comes up with very simple and efficient solutions for even the most complex problems.” Says one of his close colleagues.

Entrepreneur Bulahej has more than 18k followers on his Instagram where he is very active. He posts some of the most viral content from around the world on his Instagram along with his education videos on entrepreneurship. His area of expertise includes:

  • Strategic planning and development.
  • Creating and monitoring budgets
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Controlling and reducing costs with profits increase
  • Big event management
  • Identifying the problem and making appropriate decisions
  • Operation and management of work sites.

Entrepreneur Bulahij has more than 20+ years of experience regarding Business Administration and with this valuable experience and learning he is doing wonders in his jobs. Ace Entrepreneur Bulahij is currently working at “Emirates Heritage Club” as the Member of the club’s board of directors and takes important policy decisions for the club. In “Saadiyat Co-operative Society” where he was responsible for the administration and policy making so as to drive profits. With such amazing experience Bulahej is the most sought after Wizard Entrepreneur of UAE. If you wish to contact him you can visit his website here.

“One of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship is experience, even after having the World’s knowledge it is not necessary that you will be a successful entrepreneur. Business is something that you learn by experience” says Entrepreneur Bulahij. We believe this is actually true, and hence we should really consider getting help from experienced entrepreneurs to scale up our business. This would not only pace of our success but also lower the risk of incurring losses.

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