Akshay Banda – Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

“Entrepreneurship is not easy. But the fruits that it bears are worth the efforts.” Young and curious Akshay Banda talks about the hardships and perks of being an entrepreneur. Coming from a family who has always been in the business world, Akshay understood early on in life that he wanted to follow his family and establish something of his own. However, the journey has been a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. Akshay believes that focusing on the ups gets him going and learning from the downs has been of significant importance as well.

Akshay has established three start-ups in the last two years. Being Digital, a digital marketing agency was his debut start-up and. It helps clients create and boost their online presence. Knowing the struggles of entrepreneurship, Akshay wanted to create a platform for fellow newbies. Thus along with his co-founders, Oshi Sharma, Rahul Chopra, Ritika Marwah and Vidhi Vazirani, he established Being Ambitious. Established in April 2021, Being Ambitious, has already collaborated with over 10 entrepreneurs, 5 NGOs and many more from different walks of life. Being Ambitious has various ventures that help start-ups and small businesses reach the target audience and become visible online. Most recently, Akshay launched his third start-up, OriGen. The lifestyle-oriented start-up deals with wearable gadgets. 

A true philanthropist at heart, Akshay quotes, “Our society needs more entrepreneurs. My entire focus is on creating entrepreneurs who in turn will create jobs for all professionals.” He strives hard to give everyone an opportunity. “These days companies hire freshers on the basis of experience. It’s important that students take up part-time internships during their time at university.” Thus the young entrepreneur encourages college students to be a part of his start-ups. He also considers their options seriously and gives them a chance to implement and bring ideas to life. “Entrepreneurs, in general, are job-creators. They create white-collar jobs for professionals and give them a platform to work on innovative business solutions that disrupt the market.”

Akshay has achieved a lot in the past few years. His work ethic and professionalism are admired by many. His efforts to continuously change and adapt to the ever-growing digital industry was recognised when he won the ‘Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year’ award. His dedication and passion have earned him respect from family, employees, interns, teachers and friends. He has been a part of various seminars and panel discussions. He spreads his experience and knowledge through these discussions. He educates people on various topics like Design Thinking, Road to Entrepreneurship and more via seminars in colleges. According to him, one’s success should be measured by the number of people they have influenced and helped walk on the right path. He has been a role model to many students and interns. Akshay feels a sense of achievement when students come to him for advice and guidance. He quotes “The youth today has become very smart. When they interact with me and ask me questions about my journey, I feel lucky. I am always honoured and happy when I can help someone out. That is a real success for me!”

A futuristic Akshay has great plans for the coming years. He wants to keep expanding his businesses and creating more and more opportunities for the youth. “The next hurdle we need to overcome as a society is a fight for Financial freedom for every individual.”  His strong determination and will to bring about change in society will drive him on the path to success. Although he has already achieved quite a lot at a very young age, he believes he has a long way to go. Akshay’s plans for the future look bright and glorious.

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